E10 Unleadede10

E10 Unleaded contains 10% ethanol. a renewable non-fossil fuel. The ethanol is made from molasses, a by product of Queensland sugar manufacturing. Use of ethanol by Caltex provides a valuable source of income and helps secure jobs in regional and rural Queensland.

Many consumers believe it is important to reduce Australia’s reliance on imported fossil fuels and increase security of supply by production of fuels in Australia. E10 Unleaded helps to do this. Expanded use of ethanol in fuel will also help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Like all Caltex products, E10 Unleaded is a fuel you can trust. It meets the Australian government’s strict fuel quality standards.

So next time you fill up choose E10 Unleaded!

If you’re unsure as the whether your vehicle supports the use of E10, please contact the Manufacturer or visit the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website for further details.

Good for QLD

With 10% ethanol derived from sugar cane, Caltex E10 unleaded is a fuel that’s good for Queensland.

Not suitable for E10

The following petrol-engined vehicles are not suitable to use Caltex E10 Unleaded for various reasons – see www.fcai.com.au for details.
All Alfa Romeo, all current Audi models (as they must use premium unleaded petrol), all Citroen, all Daewoo. all Daihatsu, all Ferrari, all Maserati, all MG, all Nissan, all Peugot, all Rover, all Renault, all Volkswagen.

Most vehicles manufactured before 1986 were designed to operate on leaded petrol (LRP replaced leaded petrol in 2000). Some of these vehicles may be able to operate satisfactorily on E10 Unleaded if they are able to use lower octane petrol than LRP and. if necessary, use an after-market anti–valve seat recession (AVSR) additive. Check with your manufacturer for information or consult the list of pre-1986 cars that can run on regular or premium unleaded petrol without an AVSR additive on the Australian Institute of Petroleum website.

The following motorcycles will operate satisfactorily on Caltex E10 Unleaded. All BMW 1986+, all Harley Davidson 1986+.

Other Applications

Before using E10 Unleaded in non–automotive applications such as marine craft, lawn mowers, chainsaws and trimmers you should consult your handbook or equipment manufacturer to check if the fuel is suitable. E10 Unleaded is not suitable for use in general and ultra light aircraft.